Monday, 8 April 2019, 7pm - 9pm

Discussion - Diagnosis

The United Church, Dorchester – The Cafe (ground floor)
49 / 51 Charles Street, Dorchester DT1 1EE

Getting to the Dorchester venue

7pm Doors open Hosted by Trish Crawford
Refreshments Coffee/Tea/Squash & biscuits available throughout the evening.
7.20pm Notices

Notices from the DAAS group.

If you have any information you think would be helpful or interesting for group members, you can share it here (if you don't want to speak, let the host know before the meeting starts and they will read it out). 

7.30pm Main Event

Discussion - Diagnosis
This month's meeting will be a discussion group on the topic of diagnosis. All are welcome to come along, whether you (or the person you care for) have been diagnosed a long time or only recently or perhaps are not yet diagnosed. Here's some questions to think about but do bring your own too:

  • How was the experience of diagnosis for you or your family member? Did you find it positive or negative?
  • Have your (or their) views changed about diagnosis changed over time?
  • Does your diagnosis help you understand yourself better/understand your family member better?
  • Does being diagnosed early (or late) make a difference?
  • Do you think it's necessary to get a formal diagnosis?
  • The diagnosis of Asperger's will not exist in the new edition of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD11) due out this year. Everyone will be diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. This process started when Asperger's was removed from the DSM-5, the diagnostic manual written by the American Psychiatric Association in 2013, but Dorset uses the ICD. What do you think about this?
And Finally ..... Time to network, chat, seek advice or help, bring news to the group etc.
End of meeting Grateful thanks for helping us ready the Café for the following morning :)
First Visit? DAAS West is a small and welcoming group. You can just listen; observe; join in and take part; get up and move about; come and go at your leisure; whichever feels comfortable for you. You are kindly asked to sign the register to comply with fire regulations. Directions and pictures of the meeting room.
Confidentiality Please respect each other's privacy and don’t discuss outside meetings who else attends or what they say at DAAS events, unless that person has given you permission to do so.
Can I Attend? DAAS and DAAS West meetings are open to those on the spectrum both diagnosed and undiagnosed plus carers, friends and family.