Directions to Parkstone Baptist Church Hall

11 Loch Rd, Poole BH14 9EX

This is where we're having our meeting on Tuesday 18 June 2019


The Baptist Church Hall is on the corner of Loch Road and Ashley Road. There is car parking to the side and rear of the church and on the nearby roads. There are several bus services along Ashley Road including the M1 and M2 with a stop opposite the church.

image shows a large church on the left corner of Loch Road as you face the turning from Ashley Road
View from Ashley Road

image shows a large church viewed from the opposite pavement in Loch Road
View from Loch Road

image shows the entrance to the church hall. It is step-free. To the right of the door is a noticeboard and a sign that says PARKSTONE BAPTIST CHURCH but both the letters C in CHURCH are missing
Main Entrance

image shows the side entrance to the carpark to the right of the church hall off Loch Road. The gate is closed
Side entrance to car park - off Loch Road (Gate should be open!)