Bournemouth Meetings Venue - How to get there

The Venue

We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at
Bournemouth University, Talbot Campus, Wallisdown, BH12 5BB

Two of our meeting rooms are Rooms K103 & K101 in Kimmeridge House, university seminar rooms. They are set out with tables and chairs in groups. You can choose to sit with a small group or to sit on your own.

At most meetings we have a table of books and leaflets on a range of relevant subjects. These can be borrowed at no charge.

As you come in to the room there is a table used as a Welcome Table where we ask you to sign in (part of the fire regulations). The first time you attend a meeting we would also like you to fill in a simple form to provide your contact details and answer a few questions.

The directions are for room K103. K101 is on the opposite side of the same landing as K103 so follow the directions to Room K103 to find Room K101.

How to get there

There is a lot of major building work on the campus at the moment, including the removal of the front car park and changes to buildings on the main campus. This means that the route to Kimmeridge House and room K103 is different. We have created 2 separate pages and you should click on the link below that fits the way you are travelling.

(NOTE: The building work is likely to continue to change things. This page was set up in July 2017. You will need to check back just before any later meetings in case there are any amendments)

Coming by Foot, Bus or being Dropped Off

Coming by car and parking