Bournemouth Meetings Venue - How to get there

The Venue

We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at
Bournemouth University, Talbot Campus, Wallisdown, BH12 5BB

In January 2019 our meeting room is Room FG06 in the Fusion Building, a university seminar room. It is set out with tables and chairs in groups. You can choose to sit with a small group or to sit on your own.

As you come in to the room there is a table used as a Welcome Table where we ask you to sign in (part of the fire regulations). The first time you attend a meeting we would also like you to fill in a simple form to provide your contact details and answer a few questions.

How to get there

Turn off Wallisdown Road at the University Roundabout on to a road called Fern Barrow.

If arriving by bus or on foot follow the immediate directions

If arriving by car the car park is at the rear and close to the Fusion Building. See below for detailed directions

On foot the way in is through the main building

Go into the University buildings by the Main Entrance. This building is known as Poole House

The video below shows a walk through from the entrance to the room FG06 in the Fusion Building. Below the video are snapshots from the video showing each point where a turn is taken.

Go past the Reception Desk and turn right

Bear left towards the glass doors

Pass through the glass doors leaving the building

Walk down the path to the 3rd Building on the right

You will go past the SUBU building

and one other building

This is the Fusion Building. Turn right in front of the Fusion Building

Enter the Fusion Building

Turn left straight away

Walk round the building to the lifts

Just past the lifts room FG06 is on the left

.We look forward to seeing you there.

If you want park in the back car park this is a video of the route. The room is close to this car park

On Fern Barrow continue past the main entrance and bus station to the next roundabout

Turn left and follow the road

There is a car park entry barrier which should be raised after 4.00pm

If there are any problems press the intercom buzzer to speak to Reception and ask them to raise the barrier

Follow the road round and you will come to the car park

When you have parked turn back and the Fusion Building is the large white building in front of you

Enter the Fusion Building

Turn left go past the lifts

Room FG06 is on the left

.We look forward to seeing you there.