Tuesday 21st May 2019 from 7.00pm
Room FG06, Fusion Building
Bournemouth University, Wallisdown

How to find the room


Our Host for the evening is Trish Jubb

Please note that we are meeting in Room FG06 Get directions here.

Refreshments From 7.15pm. Available from 7.15pm. Coffee/Tea with biscuits
Sensory Table We have an increasing number of small sensory items which will be on tables for use during the meeting – please try not to be too distracting with them during talks! On occasions there may be a bigger selection on a separate sensory table for use before or after the meeting (but not during) so you can explore and try out items which may help to manage sensory sensitivities or which have been recommended for a sensory diet.
Notices 7.30pm
  • In June we are unable to meet at BU. Last year we had a meeting in Parkstone with art and a discussion and an informal meeting at a café. Ideas welcome.
  • If you have put your name down for the Executive Function workshop session on 15th June please make sure we have a (returnable) £10 deposit to reserve your place. If you have a problem with this please talk to Diane.
Main Event c7.45pm Dr Rachel Moseley will talk about Autism and Asperger Syndrome: A Different Type of Brain. This is a presentation she recently gave to another group alongside Trish’s Introduction to Asperger’s. Rachel is a Researcher in Social, Cognitive, Clinical and Affective Neuroscience (SCCAN) in the Psychology Department at Bournemouth University and a regular attender at DAAS events. Her previous talks to the group have always been interesting and she offers new insights into some of the features of the autistic brain and their basis for differences in behaviours. Whether or not you are on the spectrum this talk should provide greater understanding and plenty of food for thought.
And Finally ..... Time after the Main Event to circulate, chat, seek advice or offer help and generally catch up.
Confidentiality Please respect each others’ privacy and don’t discuss outside meetings who else attends or what they say at DAAS events, unless that person has given you permission to do so.
Note for first-timers At DAAS meetings you are welcome to join in and take part but you are also welcome to just listen & observe – whatever feels comfortable.
Can You Help? Many thanks to those who already help in running DAAS meetings or who have recently offered to take on some of the support roles. If you would like DAAS to thrive and prosper please think seriously about what you too can do.