Tuesday 16th October 2018 from 7.00pm
Room FG06, Fusion Building
Bournemouth University, Wallisdown

How to find the room


Our Host for the evening is Michael Woodhall
Please note that we are meeting in Room 6 Ground Floor of the Fusion Building tonight. Directions here.

Refreshments Available from 7.15pm.. Coffee/Tea with biscuits
Notices 7.30pm
  • Update on The DAAS Group, the Committee and teams.
  • Feedback from October discussion groups
  • December Events and Christmas Buffet meal (Dec 16th)
  • The Pan Dorset Social Care Out of Hours Service
  • Adult Autism Spectrum Cohort -UK Autumn Newsletter
  • Carers Rights Day 30th November at Kinson Community Centre. See also
Main Event c7.45pm

Tonight we welcome back Karen Wilmshurst, Advocacy Services Manager for Autism Wessex. Karen is a regular speaker at DAAS meetings and tonight she will be talking about Autism Issues in Dorset, bringing us up-to-date with the latest news, what’s happening in the field of autism research, people’s recent experiences of the benefits system etc.  and not forgetting an account of the services currently offered across the county by Autism Wessex. Karen has been with Autism Wessex for 8 years and has a wealth of experience in dealing with a wide range of queries and problems and with supporting people to identify solutions, fill in forms etc. Karen will be happy to answer your questions after the main talk and we look forward to an interesting and helpful evening.

And Finally ..... Time after the Main Event to circulate, chat, seek advice or offer help and generally catch up.
Confidentiality Please respect each others' privacy and don't discuss outside meetings who else attends or what they say at DAAS events, unless that person has given you permission to do so.
Note for first-timers At DAAS meetings you are welcome to join in and take part but you are also welcome to just listen & observe – whatever feels comfortable.
Can You Help? Many thanks to those who already help in running DAAS meetings or who have recently offered to take on some of the support roles. If you would like DAAS to thrive and prosper please think seriously about what you too can do.