Tuesday 18th February 2020 from 7.00pm
Room K103 Fusion Building, Bournemouth University, Wallisdown

How to find K103


Our Host for the evening is Trish
Please note that we are meeting in Room K103

Get directions here.

Refreshments From 7.15pm. Available from 7.15pm. Coffee/Tea with biscuits
Sensory Items Small sensory items will be on tables for use during the meeting – please try not to be too distracting with them during talks! On occasions there may be a bigger selection on a separate sensory table for use before or after the meeting (but not during).
Notices 7.30pm
  • We now have space on the committee so if you are interested in joining do ask Trish or tell someone on the Welcome Desk.
  • Sandy Teal has a colleague who is undertaking some research: Mainstream Education Experiences of Young Adults with ASD. Details attached to the programme email. Your help would be appreciated.
  • Following Arsenal’s previous hug challenge, he is doing a Guinness World Record attempt at Bournemouth University on Thursday 5 March between 12.00pm-1.00pm (most hugs in 1 minute – currently 87) all details to register will be on social media eg Facebook. Also he has a new book coming out, A Boy Called Arsenal, which can be pre-ordered on Amazon/Waterstones etc now and is released on Thursday 28 May 2020.
Main Event c7.45pm We welcome back Sandy Teal of SJ Teal Consultants Ltd to talk about a subject which concerns many of us - Friendships and Relationships. Sandy is well known to many of the group and was a former DAAS Ltd Voluntary Director. Amongst her other work she is Lead Autism Specialist for Hampshire Probation Service. She also has an interest in sensory integration therapy and is a co-founder of MindSenseAbility based in the New Forest where she acts as Educational Specialist.
And Finally ..... Time after the Main Event to circulate, chat, seek advice or offer help and generally catch up.
Confidentiality Please respect each others’ privacy and don’t discuss outside meetings who else attends or what they say at DAAS events, unless that person has given you permission to do so.
Note for first-timers At DAAS meetings you are welcome to join in and take part but you are also welcome to just listen & observe – whatever feels comfortable.
Can You Help? We still need help to continue running DAAS. If you can help in some small way please speak to us. Thank you