Dorset Adult Asperger's Support


Tuesday 17th October 2017 from 7.00pm
Room K103, Kimmeridge House,
Bournemouth University, Wallisdown

How to find the room

Welcome Our host for the evening is Steve Mason.
Refreshments Available from 7.15pm. Coffee/tea with biscuits.
Voluntary Donations A suggested voluntary donation of £1 per head includes refreshments.
Extraordinary General Meeting 6.30pm. A short meeting for full DAAS members (single and family) who have been notified separately. This is to discuss proposed changes to the way DAAS operates and is managed.
Notices 7.30pm
  • Report back from EGM
  • 17th December Christmas lunch at the Royal Bath. We hope to repeat last year’s successful event, depending on support. Cost to be confirmed but anticipated to be around £10.
  • Thursday 26th October - Hallowe'en themed night run by Diverse Abilities 7-11pm at Cameo club Bournemouth.
  • 2nd October NAS Autism Hour. Does anyone have any feedback from this initiative?
  • The Sensory Table. Sara Gilbert will explain this new project.
  • Artisan Community Art Studio which meets at the Branksome Centre offers "a wide range of interesting, enjoyable, high quality, affordable courses in arts, crafts, textiles, which are open to everyone". This includes an Asperger's Adult Art Club on Monday mornings.
Main Event c7.45pm

Round Table Discussions. Another opportunity to air your views and listen to the views of others. There will be at least 5 groups: a Carers Table; a Games table; and 3 topic based tables where views and opinions from everyone will be welcome whether on the spectrum or not. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

  • What do we mean by the term Peer Support? (a question discussed at our recent AGM);
  • Reactions to the results of the EGM (see above);
  • Differences between people on the spectrum and NTs (Neuro typicals) in social encounters; and
  • Ideas for sensory tools and strategies.

We hope that will provide something for everyone and look forward to seeing you.

And Finally ..... Time after the Main Event to circulate, chat, seek advice or offer help and generally catch up.
Note for first- timers At DAAS meetings you are welcome to join in and take part but you are also welcome to just listen & observe – whatever feels comfortable.
Can You Help? Many thanks to those who already help in running DAAS meetings or who have recently offered to take on some of the support roles. If you would like DAAS to thrive and prosper please think seriously about what you too can do.