Tuesday 16th Aprily 2019 from 7.00pm
Room FG06, Fusion Building
Bournemouth University, Wallisdown

How to find the room


Our Host for the evening is Trish Jubb

Please note that we are meeting in Room FG06 Get directions here.

Refreshments From 7.15pm. Available from 7.15pm. Coffee/Tea with biscuits
Sensory Table We have an increasing number of small sensory items which will be on tables for use during the meeting – please try not to be too distracting with them during talks! On occasions there may be a bigger selection on a separate sensory table for use before or after the meeting (but not during) so you can explore and try out items which may help to manage sensory sensitivities or which have been recommended for a sensory diet.
Notices 7.30pm
  • Ambassador badges are a symbol of our appreciation and we hope to present some tonight, with more to come in future months.
  • Thanks to Arsenal Whittick who has become our First Aider
  • We are pleased to welcome Brandon Bule to the Committee.
  • In June we are unable to meet at BU. Ideas for alternatives welcome.
  • Training – ASD and Executive Function – a Saturday in June
Main Event c7.45pm "Mainly Ourselves" - a chance to discuss, share, take part or just listen. This evening there will be an opportunity to tell each other about ourselves and our interests (but only if you choose to do so); to discuss our views about various Asperger related issues, such as the benefits of getting a diagnosis and what to do next; to relax and maybe play a game or two; to talk to others and practice conversational skills; or just to see what goes on at a DAAS meeting and hear what others are saying. We’d like to start with one or more short talks on peoples’ interests. If there’s something you are passionate about and are happy to talk about it for 5 minutes please let us know. If several people offer we’ll do some another night. Discussions have been popular at DAAS. Tonight we’ll be discussing diagnosis, relevant whether you are diagnosed or not. An alternative table will be practising the art of conversation - we have cards with a number of subjects to promote discussions. For others there will also be a games table. At the end of the meeting we hope to dim the lights over some or all of the room and get out the long awaited glo sticks, while people are rounding off the evening. If you have other light up stim toys you want to bring feel free, at your own risk, but please not fast flashing ones. You’re welcome to take glo sticks home at the end of the night and enjoy them.
And Finally ..... Time after the Main Event to circulate, chat, seek advice or offer help and generally catch up.
Confidentiality Please respect each others’ privacy and don’t discuss outside meetings who else attends or what they say at DAAS events, unless that person has given you permission to do so.
Note for first-timers At DAAS meetings you are welcome to join in and take part but you are also welcome to just listen & observe – whatever feels comfortable.
Can You Help? Many thanks to those who already help in running DAAS meetings or who have recently offered to take on some of the support roles. If you would like DAAS to thrive and prosper please think seriously about what you too can do.