DAAS is pleased and proud to acknowledge the help and assistance it receives from its Members and in 2013 introduced Ambassador Awards for people who have shown special commitment to the group and demonstrated their willingness and ability to support our Aims & Objectives.

An Ambassador badge and certificate are awarded to one or two people on a limited number of occasions each year and a sample of the certificate is shown below.

To date our Ambassadors are:Awarded
Jason Croasdell19 March 2013
Nigel Harris17 September 2013
Julie Williams19 November 2013
Polly Ford21 January 2014
Amy Pickford21 January 2014
Irene Harris17 March 2015
Steve Thornton17 March 2015
Carolyn Harris27 October 2015
Kevin Meech27 October 2015
Elaine Seyd21 November 2017
Trish Crawford14 May 2018
Trish Jubb17 July 2018
DAAS Ambassador Badges

DAAS Ambassador Badges are awarded to individual DAAS members who have demonstrated particular commitment to the group and who support and promote DAAS’s Aims and Objectives through their words and actions.

The awards are made by the Voluntary Directors with unanimous consent.

There are no specific requirements or conditions but in general DAAS Ambassadors will have shown their commitment by such things as

  • regular attendance at meetings
  • representing DAAS and its members at external events and consultations
  • speaking up on behalf of members and in the interests of people with Asperger’s and HFA and of their carers or supporters
  • taking on tasks at the request of the Voluntary Directors, or volunteering, to facilitate the smooth running of the group
  • demonstrating a sense of ownership and belonging in relation to DAAS, its aims, objectives and activities
  • supporting fellow members by listening and by sharing in confidence their own experiences, opinions and values
  • helping to raise awareness of autistic spectrum conditions, of their positive aspects and of the needs of the autistic community.