So what is Aspergers Syndrome?

Here is a brief description from:
Dr. Karen Sutton
Consultant Clinical Psychologist.
Community Adult Aspergers Service (CAAS).

Aspergers Syndrome (AS) including High Functioning Autism is a developmental disorder on the Autistic Spectrum, which affects more than half a million people in the UK.

The condition is life-long its effects vary from person to person. The main characteristics, which everybody with the diagnosis will share to some degree, are difficulties with:

• Social interaction (making friends, understanding unwritten social rules, understanding what other people are thinking and feeling)

• Social communication (understanding what is said, making conversation, understanding non verbal communication including gesture, taking things literally)

• Social imagination (problem solving, fixed interests)

Many people with AS also have sensory differences, need routines and may have intense interests which take up a lot of their time.

The overall effect is that some adults with AS can struggle to make friends, find flexibility at work and generally to understand the world around them.

Others can be largely unaffected, able to lead conventional and fulfilling lives. The support and understanding of families, carers and professionals can make positive differences to the life of a person with AS improving the enjoyment and fulfilment they achieve.

If you would like more definitions of Aspergers Syndrome the best place to look is on the internet.

A good place to start is the National Autistic Society website

This is a direct link to their "What is Asperger syndrome" page